It is the policy of the management of HAN S.L SDN BHD that SAFETY, HEALTH and ENVIRONMENT are
given the utmost priority in all Company’s activities.
This is achieved by the implementation of the Safety management system and the adoption of
Quality Systems of work in all our activities.
It is the duty of every employee to ensure that they carry out the duties of their employee in such
manner as not exposes themselves or others to hazards.
All incidents must be reported, via your Supervisor to the Company Safety Officer. Supervisors have
a prime responsibility to both ensure the Safety of those working under them and also to report all
All employees have the duty to wear Personal Protection Equipment, which is provided for them, as
may be required. This is a Company requirement at all worksites onshore.
A safe working environment is the right of every employee and the duty of every employer. This can
only be achieved if everyone plays his or her part.



Each employee has a duty to:

(a) Work safety, conduct himself / herself in a safe manner, take reasonable care for the
health and safety of both himself and others and avoid taking short cuts or fail to follow
established procedures.

(b) Carry out activities in accordance with company safety procedures, instructions and

(c) Co-operate fully with management and supervisory personnel in ensuring that the
Company’s own health and safety responsibilities are fully implemented.

(d) Familiarize themselves fully with any information provided by the Company on the safe
use of plant, equipment and materials.

(e) Alert their immediate supervisor to any potential hazards, which may identify during the
course of their work.


The Managing Director of HAN S.L SDN BHD has made a commitment to ensure that during all of our
various activities, we minimize the risk of damage to our environment. During many of our activities,
the potential always exists for environmental damage to occur.

In all our activities, we must strive to ensure that we give proper regard to the conservation of the
environment. It is our most valuable asset.
In recognition of this, all staff must be aware of the need to:

1. Give proper regard to the conservation of the environment.

2. Avoid wherever possible, damage to property.

3. Take every effort in ensuring the safety, good health and welfare of all company and other
employees we may come into contact with.

Environment awareness is a line management responsibility that begins at the top of the Company’s
structure. All employees have an equal and continuing responsibility to protect and conserve the

All employees must constantly be kept informed of any procedures or process that may cause them
harm and should be protected as much as possible.
Commercial considerations must not be allowed to influence to environmental matters.